Thursday, December 24, 2009

My new sacred Scrapbook Space!

As you all know I moved back to my home in Cuernavaca, México. I spent the most amazing months in Chicago with my awesome boyfriend, but it was time to come back.

As soon as I got here I started my newest proyect: my very own scrapbooking room...and the good news is that IT´S FINISHED! and the better news is that it was completely free!!

I searched everywhere around the house looking for things to use and let me tell you that the outcome was great.

Here is a before and after so you can understand my excitement.

Now I can concentrate on new scrapbooking projects and customized scraps for our clients.

Yes, Mena (my sister/partner) and I, we just opened our own Scrapbook Business in Mexico and we called it:

I´m very excited, I just hope I can keep up with my spanish blog, my english blog and the business!!
But if many women can do it, I´m pretty sure I can.

What do you think about the new room, you like it?

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